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Quorum Production Reviews Carpet and Rug Institute’s Standards for Sustainable Carpets

Quorum ProductionsAccording to Quorum Productions, (954-571-5221) rugs and carpets in a home can have a major impact on the environment. Unfortunately, Quorum Productions has determined that most carpets on the market are neither green nor eco-friendly.

For that reason, Werner Braun of Carpet and Rug Institute recently impressed the staff of Quorum Productions with his company’s sustainable carpet. “The Institute rates carpets based on a variety of factors,” says Quorum Productions. The National Sanitation Foundation Standard, also known as the NSF 140, provides a clear definition of sustainable carpet.

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Quorum Productions on Integrated Products Communications at Lenovo

Quorum ProductionsAt Quorum Productions, a favorite subject among team members is consumer electronics. The electronic devices that people use on a daily basis—including DVD players, telephones, televisions, audio players and digital cameras—are an important aspect of their lives.

According to Quorum Productions, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a one-stop shop for information on these important products. Each January, more than 100,000 people visit the Venetian hotel to see the newest electronics on the market. The CES is not open to the general public. Only individuals associated with the consumer electronics industry are allowed to attend.

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Quorum Productions Offers Information to Quell Summer Weed Woes

Quorum ProductionsMore than just a television production company, Quorum Productions provides educational programming for consumers seeking solutions to everyday problems. Recently, the production company featured Clear Choice, a biodegradable and highly concentrated reduced-risk herbicide.

Every day, millions of Americans struggle to keep their lawn weed-free. Quorum Productions explains that it does not have to be a battle. A recent segment airing with a Suncor Energy lawn and garden expert proves that even the most aim-deficient gardener can achieve expert results.

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Liberty Safe Keeps Veteran’s Purple Heart Secure: ‘Homeward Bound’ on Lifetime TV’s ‘Designing Spaces’

Quorum ProductionsQuorum Productions has recently partnered Liberty Safe with its television show Designing Spaces for the “Project Homeward Bound” makeover series to offer a wounded American soldier and his family a safe place to store their treasured valuables. Here, the staff at Quorum Productions answers a few questions about “Homeward Bound.”

Q: What is “Project Homeward Bound”?

A: The three-part series, “Project Homeward Bound,” aired September 25–27, 2013, on Lifetime TV. It told the remarkable step-by-step transformation of a dilapidated home into a fully renovated one for injured American soldier Private First Class Jeff Taylor and his family.  (Quorum Productions at 954-571-5221)

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